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Voting Season~~

I've compiled so that it's together in a post..and i'm lazy to edit them so..here it is XD

Guys~ Remember to vote!! lol

(Original post from pocco_moco @arashian)
Hey minna~~~ Let's vote for Arashi as Best Johnny's Group^^ Go here
Minna, you can vote more than once.. It's limited to 1 vote per day so you have to wait until the next day before voting again.  =p Minna, Let's continue to spread our Arashi love ^^ *SPREAD*

*Korean, Chinese, English, Short Comments(Saikou, Daisuki, etc) and meaningless comments are prone to be deleted.
*Japanese ONLY

Here's a guide on how to vote, for those who can't read kanji:
1. click on the bubble in front of Arashi 嵐
2. press the 投票 button at the bottom of the chart
3. pick your gender in 性別 section (秘密=secret, 女性=female, 男性=male)
4. pick your age group in 年齢 section
**optional: write a comment in japanese. too bad they don't accept comments written in english...
5. press the 投票する button

Guide Credits: pocco_moco @arashian.com

(Original Post from </a></b></a>twistedhalo04)
Please vote for our beloved Aiba on the[info]pretty_boy_love

 community. Join and vote when the voting starts....

Here's a link to </a></b></a>twistedhalo04 campaign post:

3 of the Arashi members have already
taken the 1st place. So.. Let's get all
of their names in!!! And since the
winners cannot be mentioned again, just
vote for Aiba XD!

Matsumoto Jun (Winter 05-06)
Ohno Satoshi (Summer 2007)
Ninomiya Kazunari (Fall 2007)

Voting will be scheduled at Wednesday,
December 12th EST.


Quoted from alchemy_of_yaoi post in pretty_boy_love::
Please refer to this post about what the Pretty Boy Vote contest is about and how it works! It tell you how the voting operates and it's good for those members who are old or new to the contest to remember and learn.

You are free to nominate any pretty boy that you wish to be the new Pretty Boy of Winter 2007-2008! However, your candidate cannot be one of the previous winners: Kimeru (Summer 05), Akanishi Jin (Fall 05), Matsumoto Jun (Winter 05-06), Kamenashi Kazuya (Spring 06), Yamashita Tomohisa (Summer 06), Nishikido Ryo(Fall 2006), Tachibana Keita (Winter 06-07), Hero/JaeJoong(Spring 2007), Ohno Satoshi and Oguri Shun (Summer 2007), and Ninomiya Kazunari (Fall 2007).

[Starting now you will have 10 days before the voting starts (make sure to put your pretty boy up for candidacy and advertise him to everyone). You can of course advertise after those ten days, but you cannot place new candidates after that! The voting time is scheduled for Wednesday, December 12th EST (for me).


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