heartangel103 (heartangel103) wrote in a_ra_shi,

Arashi stuff in Korea?

Hi! I have an uncle who is in Korea and I know that Korea is nothing compared to Japan in terms of getting Arashi stuff but oh well, I heard that Arashi is quite popular in Korea and I do not really have relatives in Japan so I'm betting on this one. My uncle said that he can get me stuff from Korea but I do not know where I can ask him to go to so he can buy me Arashi stuff. I'm looking for the Iza Now Concert or Arashi Around Asia concert DVD. Anyone can tell me where I can ask my uncle to go to so he can buy me those DVDs? Or other Arashi stuff? If it could be specific and popular places in Korea...

And another question since my uncle's not really that familiar with Arashi, are they really that popular in Korea that when you say Arashi people will know who they are?

Thanks very much and hope someone could help me in this crazy request of mine. (",)

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