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~Machan is a sexy hunk~ *dies*

I know, I'm late again, but I just finished watching the latest TSD ep I was able to dl at the end of the month~

You are getting pretty cheeky nowadays! That is the second time showing your pantsu in this show!

How can she - what's her name again, Ice Hime? - tell him to pull up his jeans!?!?
Just let them slide down to the floor, Machan! You don't care, we - definitely - don't care! Nice fan service, sweety!
Wait, I remember those pantsu ... you wore them while preforming WISH on one of the million music shows Arashi's been in lately! Either you bought 10 pantsu of the same brand cuz you're just too lazy to go shopping for differnt kinds OR I hope you wash them regularily! *sweat*

DIRTY GUY! in sooo many ways~

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