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My comments about the latest Tensai! Shimura Doubutsuen(Dec 1,2005). Aiba went to the Philippines. ^___^ I just copied and pasted from my journal. I just had to share my screencaps and comments to the world. xD AAAH~~ Why is Aiba so cute now, when I never thought that he was cute when I was just a beginner Arashi fangirl? XDDD You're just too baka that you're cute, Ma-chan. The whole Arashi is. XD Ahyaa~ This entry may be a spoiler-filled entry so please just download the episode from j_varietytv and watch it. Thanks to souzoujo for uploading it in YSI and ploplo for uploading it in MU.

Anyways, onto the fangirlism. lots of screencaps beneath~

First reaction: Aiba. What. Are. You. Wearing?? XD He's so kawaii even if his outfit is... never mind. XDD lolx


Douzo~! XD

smile~ XD kawaii~ XD

Then they show a little video with Aiba's life being put in danger because of all the things TSD makes him do. xD Then... In the airplane...

He looks cute in the airplane. XD He looks...lost. XD

look at the greenery outside, Ma-chan~ XD

sorry if the airplane's small, Ma-chan ^__^;


this is the woman who is so lucky to be seated RIGHT BESIDE Ma-chan. but she has no idea who he is. ... Why can't I be her instead? XDD I would have cuddled onto him already. xD

XD the lady is sort of like a snob. XD;; poor Ma-chan. xD smile away~ XD

welcome to the countryside of the Philippines~ XD

ah... this is the corrupt man Chavit Singson's mansion house. XD

look at his property.


And here the pool. kireii~ XD Becky seemed surprised to see a pool in Chavit Singson's house. XD

ahyaa Ma-chan. Chavit Singson's house is not a resort. XDD

this is the part where Ma-chan thought Chavit Singson's house was Disneyland. XD

And so he walked on to the entrance of Chavit Singson's house.

"Douzo!" bakAiba, the pinoy can't understand Japanese XD
"Hallo" XD much better.

I love Ma-chan's engrish. XD

saying Shimura Ken can take you inside Chavit Singson(CS)'s house. XDD kawaii Ma-chan~ XD


naninani? doushitano, Ma-chan?

wowwie. Harry~!! XD

yabai~ don't touch Harry, Ma-chan~! XD


kawaii~ XD

a-re? XD what'd you see this time? XD

aiba: whoa! hi! my name is Masaki.
XD kawaii~

then they introduce CS a little.

Aiba Masaki. Simply adorable. XD

whoa. THAT, I did not know. o___o I should contact CS and tell him to contact Shimura Ken and give me Ma-chan's number. XD

kawaii engrish yet again.

CS pats Harii(gomen. or Harry XD) and Harry starts to hit CS. o___o
Ma-chan: Onii-san, tora desu yo. kore. (he doesn't understand you, Ma-chan. xD)

aww... Ma-chan cares for CS. XD Trying to pull him from patting Harry again. XD

Since I think that I've been screencapping too much XD let's skip the parts where he just takes care of Harry. XD It's cute. So I don't want to spoil you with that though I really wanna share screencaps of it. XD

The next part is when CS suddenly left Ma-chan and Ma-chan was all: 'Doko iku no?' XD Ahh~ he looks so confused. XDD

Then, Aiba and that pinoy takes Harry to that higher ledge by going through the stairs inside the house. XD Ma-chan keeps pushing Harry. XD Then Harry keeps hitting Aiba with his tail. (I keep on switching from Ma-chan and Aiba, ne? XD) Then, the pinoy instructs Aiba to remove Harry's colar.

Next part: Feeding Harry

Ma-chan is just too cute here. XD He had to put the bowl of isau/esau in front of Harry, but he's scared. The pinoy keeps saying it's okay, it's okay. But Ma-chan says...

OK ja nai

NOkay da yo. NOkay.


So Aiba puts the bowl somewhere far from Harry and runs away. xD but the pinoy gives him the bowl again, and Aiba needed to put it again in front of Harry. So he did, kind of. XD The pinoy helped him.

Next part: Bath time~!

So, Aiba-chan just had a hose and let the water fall on Harry. xD Then took out shampoo. Thing is, Harry drinks the water when it gets to his mouth. There was a time when Aiba just let him drink, and the pinoy told him to continue shampooing Harry. Ah~ Kawaii~

After that...

Harry slept. ^__^

So Aiba goes off to the other animals. Wallabies, a pony and ostriches. The wallabies were cute. The pony as well. Aiba was scared of the ostriches. XD Yeah. CS owns a mini-zoo inside his million lots. 8DD AND, Aiba plays with the lion. o.o

Ma-chan: ah.. kore yabaii yo ne?

Ma-chan: Jumper. On.
XDDDD kawaii yo~ XD

Aiba plays with the lion, it keeps on hitting him, and he keeps falling down. XD;

anything familiar with the nose? XD it can't be seen really, but something's there. XD the reason how Anare and I know that Aiba was here during SemBreak. *___* why did we not go to Ilocos when we had no classes? WHY BAGUIO? WHY NOT ILOCOS INSTEAD?! I could have seen Ma-chan. T_T Anyways XD

yeah. its the bandaid XDDD was it really a pimple? or was it cause by Harry? o___o

So, Aiba plays with the lion. The lion grabbed his hand. so Aiba kept saying "gomennasai". XD he should say that in raiongo. XD and yeah, he fell down. ^_^;

ABUNAI!! O____O Ma-chan don't die!!! >___<; XD

and he fell again. o.o

While he continues to try and play with the lion, the lion got his glove. And Aiba got it back while the lion wasn't looking. XDD Poor, poor, Ma-chan. xD; He tried massaging the lion but it continued attacking him. xD; ... Then it came. O_O

Ah! Ma-chan! I'll save you~! T___T Agh. I knew we should've been there. I need to save my Ma-chan! I mean, just Ma-chan~! XDD;

instead of zooming in the camera, cameraman-san, go and help Ma-chan~! oh well. the lion doesn't have MUCH teeth anyway. o.o;

Ma-chan pats his bitten arm... a-ra? perfect angle! *points at Ma-chan's nose* XD

Next Part: Walking Harry at Vigan~!!

Yeah. The Philippines is a country where the people who live in it tend to look at something that attracts even the tiniest bit of attention. I think. xD So, the pinoy, Ma-chan and Harry walk around Vigan, one of the pueblos the Spanish built here during their reign over the Filipinos(ha! Social Studies~ XD). My mom, dad, elder sister and I went here before, during May. Why did Ma-chan not go there when we were there *__* oh well. I didn't know who Aiba-chan was back then, so... I guess it's okay. o.o;

Anyways, the three were walking, attracting many people, and this random guy suddenly pats Harry's butt. o___O weird. XDDD;; People kept taking pictures of Harry as well. Ah~ How I wish I was there to take a picture of Ma-chan. :3

Then, uh oh. Harry stopped. (Aiba's so cute when he tried to push Harry again xD) There are kalesas in Vigan. Those thingies that are pulled by horses(aka tiger food) for people to ride on. Oh dear, poor horse, it looked really worried. Aiba didn't seem to know much about kalesas. He must have thought Vigan was a weird place. XD; With all that had happened. xD; And for Harry to move again...

Aiba-chan needed to push him again. XDD

And so, night fell. Aiba-chan gave Harry his dinner, being scared again. XD And then...

pinoy: Aiba-san... Excuse me.

OMG! I understand what the Pinoy is saying~! XD

pinoy: Padala ni ano to... Shimura-san.
pinoy: um... I was asked to give this to you by... Shimura-san.

XDD not direct translation, but just for the sake of grammar XD

Then Aiba complains about sleeping 2 meters away from Harry. XD Looks like Ma-chan's getting tired of these little yellow tents. XD

pinoy: ano... Aiba-san, tutulog na ko. *rubs eye* (Aiba-san... I'm going to sleep now)

I have no idea why Aiba suddenly said this. XD but you HAVE to adore his engrish. xD

He looks worried. XD

And so, Aiba is left alone with Harry and his camera. He takes his camera and...

omg. O_O scary Harry.

but he's cute here. :3

Then, Aiba goes off to sleep. And clip over. XD

AAAAH~!!!!!!!! I NEED TO MEET AIBA-CHAN~! XD I enjoyed taking screencaps, making comments while watching the show. I hope you like this episode. He's so kawaii. XD PLEASE DO DOWNLOAD IT. Watch it, ne? XD I love the Futari no Kinenbi part. XD Anyways, now, I need to hurry. We're gonna be going to mass at 6pm, it's 5:19pm, and I haven't fixed myself. Ja na~! XD

Ahyaa~ if you would watch the whole episode, you would notice Ma-chan is wearing jumpers on. Ah~ Maybe he got tired of always pulling his pants up whenever it falls. Aww~ Too bad. XD

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