osak (osak) wrote in a_ra_shi,


Hello everyone, only my second post in the community. XD Though trying my best to provide back. I'll post some icons and banners soon.

Okay, here is my question... I have wanted to buy Arashi merchandise, such as CDs and DVDs, for quite some time now. My only thing is the fear of buying something and I don't have the ability to play it. Well, I live in the U.S. and I am aware of the Region Codes for the U.S. and Japan are different. I don't believe I have a DVD player that supports All Regions. Would it be possible to play it on my computer? What about if I have a North American (U.S.) PS3?

Oh and one more thing. I was wondering if Arashi ever performed Sketch Live? And if so, does anyone know where I can watch/download the performance?

I would really appreciate some enlightenment on my questions and thank you for you time. ^^


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