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More Arashi Icons!!! X3

I should have been doing my final assignments, but as usual, procrastination took over and the result is this second batch of Arashi icons *sighs*.

(5X) Arashi
(4X) Aiba Masaki
(4X) Matsumoto Jun
(4X) Ninomiya Kazunari
(4X) Ohno Satoshi
(4X) Sakurai Sho
(2X) Aibajun
(1x) Matsumiya
(4X) Ohmiya
(2X) Sakumiya

Rules are as usual. Please credit skadihelias if you decide to use them. Comments are loved, but not a must, please give me some if you take any of these icons (or if you stumbled into this post, I'm not that picky).

Teaser =

( Click here for more!!! )

X-posted to nino_daily, a_ra_shi, and ohmiya.

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