more organs means more human. (phasera) wrote in a_ra_shi,
more organs means more human.

ONE release

Well it's a bit early, but that's to be expected with this sort of thing; anyway, just wanted to alert everyone that Arashi's newest album, ONE, has a torrent up at Jpopsuki. And I'm sure it will soon become readily available for download at other forums and websites, as well.


01. Overture
02. Natsu no Namae
04. Lai-Lai-Lai
05. Days
06. Subarashiki Sekai
07. Sakura Sake
08. Rain (Ohno's solo)
09. Itsuka no Summer (Aiba's solo)
10. With ME (MatsuJun's solo)
11. Himitsu (Nino's solo)
12. Yume de Iikara (Sho's solo)
13. Yes?No?
14. Kazamidori

Of course it'd be nice if we could support them with our purchase of the physical album, as well~! ;D (I already have, just waiting for delivery.) They also have a lovely photobook coming out that I am VERY much looking forward to. :o~

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