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Pika**nchi Double single Secret Talk

*Please forgive me if I left anything out, my listening is not as good as my reading, I can't hear some parts properly, and I get confused who's who ^^;
Anyway, here it is. I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did.


Sho: Secret Talk, the 6th blast! Whoo~!!
Jun: It’s already the 6th time.
Sho: As time passes, there nothing surprising about Secret Talk anymore indeed.
Aiba: Hmm~
Nino: I guess so…
Aiba: Why?
Ohno: What shall we do then?
Jun: Well I feel that it was quite some challenge to actually get together and have a Secret Talk.
Aiba: I see…
[Silence, then they all roared in laughter]
Nino: How come suddenly we all went silent
Sho: You even added a bracket, what the…
Nino: Actually it’s nothing at all.
Jun: It was all too rush.
Ohno: This, do you think people would really listen to this?
Jun: Just some talk done in the nick of time, really, would anyone listen to this?
Nino: Then just simply say something… *since no one’s gonna listen anyway*
Sho: To have a Secret Talk popping up in the middle of nowhere *half-way through the karaoke track*
Aiba: Is it gonna be stuck in the middle like that?
Sho: Sandwich?
Aiba: Let’s do it *play a Sandwich game*
[Silence, then laughed again]
Ohno: It’s quite okay to stay like this, isn’t it?
Aiba: This moment of silence is great, it’s not disturbing at all, not even a bit.
Nino: Let’s not talk about that, say something more meaningful, Aiba-san.
Aiba: No, something better than saying meaningful things, how’s that? Why don’t we set a theme? Start.
Nino: Okay.
Aiba: Let’s set one now, together.
Nino: This CD will be released in February, February!
Sho: When the winter concert ends, we’re all working our spirits up.
Jun: Yes, yes.
Sho: So how’s the winter concert?
Jun: Don’t dig your nose! Ohno-kun~!
Ohno: Oi! Why me?! I didn’t, okay?! You, don’t think that people can’t see pictures and you can say things that are untrue, what a brat!
Nino: Not pictures, it should be scenes.
Ohno: Aiba-san, how about you?
Aiba: ah ha ha ha… this is interesting.
Ohno: How was it? Aiba-san?
Aiba: Yes?
Ohno: Winter concert.
Aiba: You mean the winter concert?
Ohno: You didn’t get hurt, did you
Aiba: Hm, I didn’t get hurt
Nino: You had fun?
Aiba: I had fun!
Sho: There’s one thing I have to point out, about our audiences, their age groups seem to rise constantly too. Like they’re around our age.
Aiba: They grew up with us all, you guys!
Everyone: Whoo~!!
Aiba: Everyone! Everyone! Everyone! Everyone grew up!!
Only Aiba: Whoo~!!
Sho: Only you remained so childish!
Everyone: Whoo~!!
Aiba: Please pardon me.
Ohno: Nah~
Sho: Don’t you guys have the same feelings?
Jun: Hmm, those around 20 years old covered about half ne.
Sho: Yes indeed.
Jun: I have that impression.
Sho: It’s the same too when we did summer concert, high school students followed their older sisters… then sang Arashi songs with everyone else, though they’re not holding any particular member’s uchiwa, but as they sang they were rather excited and happy.
Jun: There were couples too.
Sho: Really.
Jun: There are, and a big brother with sunglasses.
Sho: Ah! Yes there is, yes there is!!
Nino: It’s kinda dangerous to have big guys with sunglasses around.
Ohno: It’s kinda embarrassing…
Aiba: Ya, maybe he was feeling embarrassed?
Ohno: I guess he wouldn’t be embarrassed.
Jun: Very funny eyes (laugh). *oh so that’s why you wear sunglasses, Jun? You have funny eyes? O.o*
Sho: Perhaps so (laugh), ah, but there was once, when Ohno-kun’s dad came, wasn’t he wearing sunglasses too?
Ohno: Mm, yes yes.
Jun: Why does he wear that? Embarrassed?
Ohno: He wants to look cool.
Sho: And he wants to show off his ‘coolness’
Ohno: Really, wearing that blue sunglasses…
Sho: Like an artiste…
Aiba: Oh yeah, he came to see Nino too right?
Ohno: He had eye contact with Nino, seems like it.
Aiba: Eh? It happened this time too? With the sunglasses?
Ohno: How was it this time?
Nino: I don’t know.
Ohno: Eh? Seems like he had eye contact with Nino this time, he was very happy ne.
Sho: Ah ha ha ha, well just like any other audience (laugh).
Ohno: But I got the idea that Nino, instead of treating him like an audience, looked at him several times as someone whom he knows personally.
Nino: Me?!!
Ohno: Hmm, mm.
Aiba: What the, how can he read what’s on Nino’s mind?
Sho: Yes indeed, who do you think you are to Nino?
Ohno: Well he said that.
Aiba: Said that he was treated as someone close?
Ohno: Mm.
Nino: But talking about Ohno-kun’s dad, he’s quite young ne.
Sho: I don’t know Ohno-kun’s dad.
Jun: I don’t know him, what kind of a person is he?
Aiba: Bring him to the backstage next time.
Ohno: Alright.
Sho: And, at the summer concert, during “Hadashi no Mirai” the fans were twisting with us, isn’t that amazing? *think of the dance steps of the song, remember the twisting parts with the mike stands? ^^)
Aiba: Very amazing.
Ohno: Feels great.
Sho: Hmm… Ah, me, talented… don’t you have this kinda feeling? (laugh)… Hey, why this kind of cold reaction?
Jun: It’s different with every Live performance, I have this feeling.
Aiba: Hmm, we can see the fans, and of course there are times when I make mistakes.
Sho: Isn’t this the main problem?
Aiba: Can’t we just laugh it off?
Sho: No we can’t do that!
Aiba: Oh we can’t laugh it off just like that? Then, I quit, I give up on this character.
Sho: So you graduated? What image will you be using this year? Aiba-san. *image: as in, punk look, cutie boy-type, cool type, boy-next-door type… different images of artistes.*
Aiba: This year?
Sho: Last year you were the ‘wrong-dance-steps’ image character, aren’t you the mistake-making type?
Aiba: This year, this year I didn’t make any mistakes at all ne.
Sho: No, just 30 minutes ago in that PV shooting, the middle part with only music… didn’t you make a wrong move? Is that really alright?
Ohno: So, the one beside… *too bad no one’s actually listening to him*
Aiba: No! No! No!! You brat! You stupid!!
Jun: He’s going crazy like he’s drunk.
Ohno: So, from now on, Aiba-san…
Nino: …what are you gonna do? *hey, OhmiyaSK finishing the same sentence?*
Ohno: Please dance a perfect dance.
Aiba: Ah, this perfect…ah… really, it’s…kinda hard… @#$^&$%…idiot…
Ohno: What did you just say (laugh)
Sho: Can you remember? *the dance steps*
Aiba: Hmm.
Jun: Just to build up your own character? You did that because you wanted to get attention right? *Jun-kun, not everyone thinks like you*
Aiba: I lied, I’m sorry.
Nino: About saying that you don’t know how to dance? Aiba Masaki…?
Aiba: Sorry, those were all lies. Dancing… I will work hard on it.
Ohno: (laughing)
Aiba: I will work hard on it from now on.
Sho: When I think about this it’s really funny, Aiba… When he was playing with his peers, saying “iya, if it were me, I can dance any time~” Then Aiba got up and dance, and he was swaying away…
Aiba: Dancing away… (laugh)
Jun: Not too bad actually, seems like it (laugh)
Sho: But they were all wrong!! (laugh)
Aiba: Well although it’s a fact, but I wasn’t that bad, really, really, really… *sorta choked, XD*
Ohno: Ah Aiba-chan, why did you knock me with your chin during the concert?
Aiba: No matter who’s the one beside me, I will knock into that person.
Sho: You’re not human, are you?
Aiba: My legs were shaking.
Ohno: And you eyes went straight up *showing only the white part* (laugh).
Aiba: No, when the MC starts…
Sho: Sorry, sorry, sorry *maybe he hit Aiba by accident here*
Aiba: Are you okay?
Sho: I’m fine.
Aiba: You’re fine?
Sho: I’m fine.
Aiba: When the MC starts, suddenly I don’t feel good when I was standing there. My legs gave out some melancholic sound.
Nino: Gave out melancholic sounds?
Aiba: Hmm, gave out melancholic sounds, my legs.
Sho: Your legs.
Aiba: Hmm.
Nino: Gave out melancholic sounds.
Aiba: Gave out melancholic sounds. *you guys playing ‘echoing game’?*
Aiba: Hmm, shall we stop here?
Nino: Just like that?
Aiba: Yes, just like that, thank you.
Nino: Mm, we finished it off together, I’m very happy.
Aiba: It was great fun.
Nino: Isn’t it? Mm, from this year onwards, from the start of 2004… right? We have lots of personal activities! Leader? Leader right? From the start of February right? *Nino, you’re starting another prank, aren’t you?*
Ohno: From February…? ….Yes… there is… a drama… *lol, he just has to go with Nino, doesn’t he? Well obviously he’s lying XD*
Jun: O? From February? It’s hard to believe… *of course! It’s not even true*
Aiba: What kind of drama is it?
Ohno: Huh? *blurr, hahahaha*
Aiba: What kind of drama is it??
Ohno: “Tenshi no Hate ni” - the end of an angel *you’re talking about yourself? XD*
Sho: I have no idea (laugh). I’m looking forward to it. Though I don’t know what it is…
Aiba: What story is it?
Ohno: Iya, I can’t tell you yet… *you’re still lying huh? LOL*
Aiba: Ah, you can’t tell me yet, is it?
Nino: The truth is, you don’t even know what to tell, right? *hey Nino! You were the once who put Ohno in this mess!*
Jun: Your acting partners?
Ohno: Err… Matsu Takako-san! *what the heck…*
Sho: How noisy…
Nino: It seemed almost real ne…
Ohno: Can’t it be true?
Nino: Cannot. *are you jealous of Takako-san? Hmm? Nino?*
Aiba: Ah, Leader is indeed interesting.
Ohno: But Nino has a butai (stage performance) this time right? *how kind of you, Oh-chan*
Aiba: There is, ne?
Nino: Yes, there is, butai.
Ohno: Has it started yet?
Nino: We’ll still working on it, perhaps… *what perhaps?*
Aiba: In Shibuya?
Nino: In Shibuya.
Sho: In a modern town?
Nino: In a modern town, do come and watch.
Ohno: Go, go!
Nino: It’s fine if you’re not going.
Ohno: Why?! I wanna sit right in front, and watch from the very first row!
Jun: What will you do if the 4 of us were sitting right there at the very first row?
Nino: I won’t come out anymore, I don’t wanna act anymore.
Jun: Eh? Unless we go back, or you won’t come out and act?
Nino: I won’t come out. Maybe only once, if 4 of you really came.
Aiba: Alright, we’ll change it back to 1 sitting in front then.
Nino: Ha?
Aiba: Isn’t it settled? Because you don’t want all 4 sitting in front at the same time, so would 1 be fine? *he meant that the rest sits at the back*
Nino: Why? The problem is not about the front seats.
Aiba: If we sit in front we’ll get eye contact, isn’t it? *hey, don’t you get eye contact with Nino all the time? Don’t be so greedy*
Nino: It’s not like that.
Aiba: Keep it up! Together (laugh) Your mother’s heart, you should know it well. *is he trying to get Nino to let his mom sit in front?*
Nino: It’s alright even if it’s not the first row.
Aiba: No matter what happens, I still want to sit in front… *I can imagine him pouting ^^*
Nino: If you’re sitting right in front, you can’t see the whole thing well, can you?
Sho: But, when was the last time you did a butai?
Nino: Butai?
Ohno: Is it after “Stand By Me”?
Sho: You do a lot of "STAND something" shows huh *Stand by Me, Stand Up...* - Thanks Mikyuko for helping in this part!
Nino: Mm, Stand By Me. That was an act with Matsumoto-kun, Aiba-kun… and Ikida-kun
Sho: What was your character’s name?
Nino: Me?
Sho: Mm.
Aiba: Gody.
Nino: No!! That was YOU!!
Aiba: Ah, yes.
Sho: (laugh) What a joke, you!!
Nino: I was Chris! Chris! Then you? *to Aiba*
Aiba: Gody. *lol XD*
Nino: You? *to Jun*
Jun: Terry.
Sho: You? *to Ohno*
Ohno: Bang~!
Aiba: Oh it wasn’t Leader? (laugh) No it’s not Leader.
Nino: Now that ‘Bang~!’ of yours was indeed a blast ne.
Aiba: Yeah, what a blast.
Jun: How memorable.
Sho: What do you think about “Pikanchi Double?” It’s already a month now, what do you think about it? The leading actor, Aiba-san… Ah! Here. Once again the leading actor, Aiba-san.
Aiba: Ah, this…
Nino: How was it?
Aiba: What do I think about it ne…
Nino: Mm.
Aiba: This, it’s the first time, isn’t it?
Nino: Mm.
Aiba: 5 people heading towards one dream and goal, the power which grew from the gradual unity? This is great, isn’t it?
Nino: Is that so…
Sho: Which dialogue line do you like the most?
Aiba: Favourite dialogue line…
Nino: Three! Two! One!
Aiba: “I can’t keep up anymore…” I like this line.
Sho: Ohno-kun.
Aiba: Leader why don’t you try? “This is the best” or “this is indeed saddening”.
Nino: How about that? Leader.
Ohno: Ah, I think it’s “is that gonna be fine?”.
Aiba: So you think you like that?
Jun: Ah, I like that too.
Sho: Do you have that feelings? When you’re with us.
Aiba: It’s be hard sometimes right…
Sho: When?
Ohno: Hmm… people ignore me. *as in, ignore his feelings and tease him a lot*
Aiba: I see, you’re angry…
Ohno: Indeed… I still can’t get the hang of it, I’ll be thinking.
Aiba: We, we always meet things like this.
Sho: But doesn’t Leader ignore you a lot too?
Ohno: Yes.
Aiba: Hey! You should be on my side!!
Sho: You’re so funny ne! Aiba-san!
Nino: Strong too. *strong: very good joker*
Aiba: You’re talking about Power?
Nino: Kiniku-joke. *Kiniku: muscles, strong - power - muscles*
Nino: Let’s talk about the man of this year. *This year (2004): Year of Monkey, the one born in the year of Monkey in the zodiac*
Sho: Man of the year, Ohno-kun.
Aiba: What’s your zodiac sign?
Ohno: Me, Monkey.
Sho: Oh, this year ne.
Ohno: Mm, I’m already 24.
Sho: Really? 24!! How fast!!
Aiba: How fast!!
Sho: Really fast!!
Aiba: Really really fast!! What shall we do? *what CAN you do?*
Ohno: I, stop it… I don’t want it…
Sho: When I thought about being 24 last time, I felt that someone that age is already a true adult… *are you saying that Ohno isn’t one? Lol*
Nino: That’s definitely not someone like Ohno, Ohno-kun should not be considered as a 24-year-old…
Jun: About being 24, what was your impression last time?
Nino: Who? That should be easy.
Ohno: Now, how old is Nagase-kun? Isn’t he 24?
Nino: Now he’s 25, or 26…
Ohno: Older than me? *of course, ^^*
Nino: Well, he’s older than you around 2-3 years…
Sho: It was his year two years ago.
Aiba: He’s totally an adult, Nagase-kun, isn’t he? *you respect him a lot huh?*
Ohno: Mm.
Nino: He’s tall too, my impression.
Ohno: Mm, I feel, if someone’s 24, he should be around 178 or 176, a matured man *you clearly don’t have that height, ^^;*
Sho: Well I think being in the same zodiac year, don’t you have any special feelings as this is your zodiac year?
Nino: Yeah, surely you feel something...
Sho: Ohno-kun thinks this is good?
Jun: Perhaps we should give him a suit or something.
Aiba: Yes indeed ne.
Sho: So let’s depend on Arashi.
Ohno: I’m the main guy this year...
Sho: O~
Ohno: Let’s have a meal together someday
[Together: O~!!]
Aiba: Good good good!! This is good! Where? When? Let’s play bowling together! Everyone, a competition.
Nino: This is kiniku-joke.
Aiba: Bowling!
Nino: Bowling! O~ Bowling, yes? After a meal, we’ll play bowling together.
Ohno: Aye aye… This…. Should it be?
Nino: How then?
Ohno: Hmm… let’s go to Kokyu Aoyama. *where?*
Aiba: Kokyu Aoyama? Okay, so be it.
Sho: So then, Leader, start your engine.
Aiba: Cheers, cheers.
Ohno: Year 2004! We’ll work hard too. Yoroshiku.
*Basically they’re all saying ‘Yoroshiku’*
Aiba: Yoroshiku. Wait, again, this side too, you don’t have that “O~!” oomph! Yes, Leader! Cheers, cheers! Pardon me.
Nino: This is kiniku-cheer.
Aiba: Cheers! *loud ne*
Ohno: Year 2004! We, Arashi! Ooh~!
[Together: Ooh~!]
Jun: Let’s work hard.
Nino: Let’s work hard. Is it okay to say this? Secret Talk’s coming to an end ne.
Aiba: Hey don’t say things like that you brat…
Nino: I’ll continue and I want to do it
Sho: Secret Talk… The End~!
Nino: Thank you very much.
Aiba: Thank you very much.
Jun: I want to do this again next time if we have the chance, to come up like this all of a sudden… *you mean the sudden talk ne~*
Nino: Do we have requests?
Aiba: Yeah indeed, let’s do it well!
Nino: Do what?
Jun: 333 ovation. *I forgot which _ no Arashi it’s from x.x*
Sho: He likes it a lot.
Nino: That’s because he’s too free.
Aiba: Cheers, cheers!
Nino: This… kiniku… No, 337, it’s a type of clap alright.
Aiba: Mm, Leader, quick!
Sho: It’ll be fine with you too, kiniku… *Aiba’s new nickname*
Nino: Kiniku…
Aiba: I can do it?
Nino: It’ll be fine.
Aiba: Ooooo~!!
Aiba: Yo~!
Aiba: Ah~!
Aiba: Aaaaaaaaaaa~!! *Where? Where? Where’s the ghost?!*
Jun: Thank you, we’ve come to the end.
Nino: Thank you.
Aiba: Thank you very much.
Sho: Surely, there will be fans saying “what the heck are you doing?!”
Jun: That’s Aiba for you…

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