Yna (ynaoblivious) wrote in a_ra_shi,

La Tormenta 2004

I'm not entirely sure if these lyrics and the translations are already posted in this community...If they are, please feel free to delete...

It took some effort to find this...But thanks to Faye on multiply for pointing me in the direction of an Arashi forum which had the lyrics posted. However, the members of that forum didn't translate it either this is getting confusing, ne? so I have to give even more credit to the one who actually translated it though I don't know who exactly s/he is here

And now, after all those credits and thanks, let's get to the lyrics of La Tormenta 2004!

( ride on fire storm! )

By the way, you can get the lyrics for several different versions of La Tormenta on the 3rd link... ;)

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