SAM (sammet) wrote in a_ra_shi,

Sakura Sake PV

Uhh, hi.. ^_^'''
There's this animeshow on saturday morning to saturday night and I'm going to be in charge of the pitiful 20 minutes of J-pop that is going to be shown on the big screen.
I have chosen Seishun Amigo, Sakura Sake, TEPPEN and a random PV by Otsuka Ai (I have no idea which one is good as I don't listen to female singers and basically only pays attention to Johnny's o_o')..
Uhh, well, it's getting close to Saturday morning (not too surprisingly, it all needs to be settled on friday)..

Well, to make this long bladibla short, could someone PLEASE upload a highquality (so that it won't be blurred on the big screen) PV of Sakura Sake?? Lots of love!!

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