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Hey guys! We're fast nearing the 100 member mark, so I thought I'd type up a little survey-type thing for us to get to know each other better ^^ I know the people who joined this community range from complete newbies to people who've been fans for years, so I've tried to compile different questions so everyone can have a go in answering. You don't have to answer all the questions, of course (though that would be awesome XD); just try the ones you feel comfortable in answering!

I look forward to reading everyone's responses :) Thanks in advance!

Basic Questions
Which hopefully everyone can answer!

1. What is your name?
2. Where are you from?
3. How long have you been a fan of Arashi?
4. When/Where did you first hear about them?
5. When/How did you start liking them?
6. Who is your favourite member? Why?
7. Who is your least favourite member? Why?
8. Why do you like this group in particular?

Fandom Questions
For fans who range from somewhat to very knowledgeable about the group!

Part A

9. Which is your favourite song? (Please list a maximum number of 3 songs)
     b) (Optional) Why?
10. Which is your least favourite song? (Please list a maximum number of 3 songs)
     b) (Optional) Why?
11. Which is your favourite PV? (Please list a maximum number of 3 songs)
     b) (Optional) Why?
12. Which is your least favourite PV? (Please list a maximum number of 3 songs)
     b) (Optional) Why?

Part B

13. Which is your favourite tour and why?
14. Any favourite choreographed dances from their songs (both TV performances and concerts included)? Name as many as you want; small parts from certain songs (as opposed to the entire dance) are fine too!
15. (Optional) Which is your favourite pairing and why?
16. (Optional) Which is your least favourite pairing and why?

Lastly, a fun little game for you guys ^^

Which Arashi member...?
Which Arashi member would you want as your...

- Father?
- Mother? (hey, whatever floats your boat.)
- Older/younger sister? (see above comment)
- Older brother?
- Younger brother?
- Childhood friend?
- Best friend? (clarification: just because you're best friends doesn't necessarily mean you've known them since you were babies)
- First crush?
- Fling?
- Boyfriend?
- Husband?
- Rival?
- Fangirl? (...just pretend you're famous XD)

Explanations are optional, though it would be nice if you wrote at least one sentence for each one explaining why you chose a certain member ^^;

Please remember to comment to this post with your responses, and not make new posts in the community!

EDIT: Just a reminder to those who have friended this community - You won't be able to see all the friends-locked posts (which is pretty much all the media posts with downloads) or make posts of your own unless you join the community!

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