// lost on the web. (winkychan) wrote in a_ra_shi,
// lost on the web.

[DL] Nino's new song "Shounen" + Bay Storm (2008.02.10)

Just listened to the best censored Bay Storm XDDD (kept talking about his dad's crotch or something???? WTF??? XDDD)

Anyway, at the end of the show, he sang us a new song, I totally didn't get if he said its name or not, that's why I tagged it "untitled"... for now XDDD

EDIT: The song is named 少年 (Shounen) (thanks to acidae for the tip ^^)

EDIT2: I've edit my post, found out the original song is sung by a band named "Keitaku", added the lyrics Kanji+Romaji. Will edit by uploading the original song when found ^^;

EDIT3: Edited with original song :)

( Over here )

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