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Valentine's Utaban

Valentine's Utaban translation. Just a part of it.

Thanx to Kikinini for doing the translation. Eventhough it's not full, but I really appreciate it and love it!! AGAIN, Nino's answer cracks me up..

Nakai asked who is the most popular?
Nino and Sho kun said "Jun kun" Jun kun said "Nino and Sho kun"
Nakai asked "How about Aiba?" Aiba chan said "I'm popular too"
Aiba chan gave an antiperspirant spray as a return to the girl who gave him a chocolate on Valentines Day.
She didn't speak to him for more than 1 week. Nakai said "You are saying that you stink so use this. You shouldn't have given that." Aiba chan said "That's what I learned"

Riida didn't show up the year end party.
Jun:Aiba chan and Nino played golf together on that day. They said they will have dinner afterwards, so why don't you join us after work.
Nakai:As the year end party"
Jun:So, I went to the place and there was Sho kun...It was Karaoke place.
Nakai:So you went inside
Sho:I joined them since evening.
Jun:So I went inside, and I wondered...Riida didn't have work on that day.
Nino:He wasn't with us either"
Jun:I heard it is for the year end party. I felt sorry for being late. But he wasn't there
Nakai:He must have had something to do. He must have been busy. 
Ohno:On that day....I was having year end party with my family
Sho:With your family!
Nakai:Well, family is important
Jun:Wait! He lives with his family
Host:Are you having end of year party with your family? Where? At the restaurant?"
Ohno:At my house"
Nino:That means , he is having end of year party everyday
Host:That's not true
Nakai:You are just having regular dinner
Host:No, At the Ohno kun's house, the end of year party is very special. It is religious reasons.
Nino:No, not true.
Nakai:What did you eat? Sukiyaki?
Ohno:We actually had Nabe(a hot pot dish)
Nakai:What's in it?
Ohno:Chinese Cabbage
Nino:That's a regular dinner.



Kid actresses questions;
Where do you go to the first date?
Sho:Go to see a movie. A suspense movie
Nino:A game arcade.
Jun:Botanical garden or Park. Amusement Park is also good but it's too crowded.
Aiba:Amusement Park. It's more fun and your tension goes up.
Ohno:I will charter a fishing boat. Go fishing and catch a Bonito

Do you get nervous for kiss scene?
Sho:Yes, I become nervous. Having to kiss someone I just met in front of many people.
Ohno:I really hated.
Jun:I will tell the partner, "Sorry. Although you may not like it, but have to"
Nino:I never become nervous. Since I've being kissed more often, so I'll leave it to the partner.

How should I tell my feeling to a person I like?
Sho:Write a letter. Your feelings will reach from the characters. A letter is nice.
Nino:You should tell your feeling's directly.
Jun:Put a note with chocolate. A note should say, "I like you." or "Please watch Utaban (on Valentine day)" and tell your feeling on the air.
JunI now understand very well the reason why Matsujun is popular. I never thought those.
Nakai said "(Jun kun) is gentle. His feeling reaches to the details."

At the end Jun kun didn't get any chocolate.....
"I'm shocked"
Nakai said "It is shocking. They thought you may not accept it or you may not eat it."
Nino:(Jun kun) Gets too many
Nakai:Yea, You get too many
"No, not really"


Nino, u can't get enough of ur game, ne?? But I wish to go to game arcade for my first date..Nino, be my date!!

And the way he answer about the kissing.. lol.. Nino, I'm ready to kiss you..

I'm so happy Nino got two chocolates from the girl.. Nino is so adorable,ne???

I wish I can give you a truck of chocolate to you...


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