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[update] HYD(starring Matsujun) filming in Las Vegas

srry i have 2 tests and 2 quizzes and buncha hwk due for tomorrow... i can only update thursday night the earliest.. if ppl want updates go to soompi forums! i wrote a quick comment about my day there haha along w/ others' accounts xP ppl on LJ are undoubtedly updating as well :D

filming schedule for the 2 days at the Orleans that Saki-chan from soompi/d-addicts received:
1:00 am to 1:30 pm- Set-Up
1:20 pm-4:30 Orleans- Prime Rib
6:00 pm-8:30 Orleans- Valet Entrance
8:30pm- 10:00 Orleans- Valet Entrance

11:00 am-1:30 Orleans- Blackjack
1:30 pm-6:30 Orleans- Roulette
7:30 pm-10:00 Orleans- Roulette and Slot Machine
10:30 pm-11:30 Orleans- Valet Entrance

-Monday night,1 A.M..: the crew started setting up stuff such as a stage and lights and cameras. 2 grls from soompi/d-addicts that were there already found out that ONLY Jun and Mao will be shooting in Las Vegas by asking one of the japanese crew members.
-Tuesday Morning: Luchs, the grl from soompi that works at the Orleans, told us they WON'T actually be staying at the Orleans. =/
-Tuesday, 2 PM: Luchs: "i was just up in the prime rib loft. at this very moment, they're practicing their lines and acts. im so excited to see jun and mao so close xD quite a number of fans have gathered (20ish?), and they lined up nicely below the restaurant. i saw they have banners/posters, and jun/mao waved to them from upstairs XD the filming is a little bit behind schedule, but so far everything seems to progress pretty smooth. "
-Tuesday, 5:30 PM: Luchs: "they wrapped the shoot at the [Prime Rib] restaurant around 5:30pm. jun looked serious, he has domyouji face even after filming. after the last shoot at the restaurant, he went to check the replay, satisfied, and they all decided it's time to take a break. i was standing so close to him, but he didn't even make eye contact >.<;; however the 'antagonist' smiled at me xD no idea who he is tho wink.gif "
meromero: " They filmed on the balcony of the Prime Rib Loft. I was there from 12:30 to 5:45. Saw Jun from a bit far away (he was in a 'serious' mood) and Mao who smiled and bowed at us when she passed by closely. She's super super cute.
      - Supposedly right now (at 6pm) they are eating dinner around the Chinese restaurant by the Prime Rib. Funny story, the lady at the Chinese restaurant is nice. She met Jun the day before when he was lost in the hotel. xD;; She said he was so skinny, but so cute. He tried speaking to her in English, but only knew the word "room" (? I couldn't hear very well.) She was Chinese, but knew enough Japanese to give him directions, I assume.
      - The security is really nice, but strict about pictures. I could only take them before filming.
      - I heard Fujiki Naohito was in the movie? I don't know, one of the new male actors looked too young to be him. He reminded me of Kaname Jun, but I'm not sure. omg I hope this doesn't get spread around the entire internet when I'm not sure at all. ;;;
      - Oh yeah, they were filming a fight scene. Couldn't see it well, but Doumyouji grabs mystery man's collar and leans him against the bars of the balcony."
-Tuesday, 8 PM: someone on said Matsujun personally asked LV fans not to take pics =/
-Tuesday, 9 PM: agent00dragon on soompi: "i just got back from watching domyouji and makino filming a scene. it was cool! we were like 15-20 ft away from them. also, they were taking pix of each other and then they turned to us and took a pic of us too XD...  they were pretty happy, mao's a pretty happy go lucky girl lol she was always joking with jun and the make up artists and stuff. they didnt really pay attention to us much but i know they knew we were there lol there was only like 20 of us anyway but a lot of us had signs and things like that. they were prolly just wrapped up in their work. "
      -Kato Natsuki (Shigeru) is here andd  ppl're saying that a fake cousin named "shin" is here as well. there're limos & vintage cars around (as you can see in one of the pics)

i think these pics are okay since they don't have matsujun in it.. i think that's wat he was referring to since JE boys arne't allowed to get their pics taken just anywhere? haha..

from soompi, Monday night 1 A.M.:

trunkims from soompi, map of Orleans main floor(circled Prime Rib Loft is where they're filming Tuesday afternoon):

meromero from soompi, Tuesday afternoon:
(i think this is the prime rib loft up there and they're shooting!

*if any of u're still going, please behave and follow the rules we've previoiusly established!! :D 
*other places they'll ALSO be filming at, other than today and tomorrow, are the Valley of Fire, the Bellagio, and other places on the Las Vegas strip, andd yeah i don't think anyone has a clue where/when they're going to those places? >.<
*go to this aim chat if you wanna talk about the event/be updated even faster! :D note: u have to be 18+ i believe, so make a new sn if u have to haha..
*soompi thread i'm getting info at: 

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