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I'm going to wallow now.

So, I just got back from trying to go see Freestyle.  Again.  And again, I could not.  I arrived in Omotesando at 7am and the line for tickets stretched two blocks up all the way to Harajuku station.  It took nearly an hour to get almost to the front of the line and then tickets were gone by 8.30.  (Meaning that they had already started giving them out... Not at 8 like that guy told me.)  So, if you are going to go tomorrow I suggest you get these stupidly early (take the very first train) and be prepared to be disappointed.  :(  I'm hoping that those of you who are planning on going Monday have better luck than I did.  And please let me know how you find it, if you do go.  I am thinking I might try again a third time on Thursday, calling in "sick", if it goes well for you but I don't know if I could stand to be disappointed and spend 1200yen in train money a third time. 

Now sleep to cure my wallows.

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