Karadin (karadin) wrote in a_ra_shi,

Ohno Satoshi Freestyle Exhibition Merchandise

I've chatted with the Japanese shopping serviceI-TM4U about getting Freestyle merch, and they've had a few requests, since they have to send an agent out by train from Shibuya to get tickets in the morning to get in to the exhibition later in the afternoon, they would like to have as many requests as possible to keep the service fee down for customers, they will go to the exhibition One Time this coming Tuesday, Japan time, naturally!

For those interested, send requests to:http://www.i-tm4u.biz/<br>
OR you can also request from lj:user happygarnet

I-TM4U takes Paypal, and also allows you to combine items and choose method of shipping to save money, good luck!

*Post Edit - as Johnny's Entertainment stores often have a limit on how much one person can buy, they are going to send more than one person! Thanks for that comment.

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