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New method of getting tickets for FREESTYLE

I just got an email saying that from the 25th - 29th, in order to get entry tickets, you need to go to Johnny's web to access. http://www.johnnys-web.com/j/freestyle/ <-- That link; though it doesn't work right now (though it could just be that it only works for keitai). This action is probably due to all the trouble they had with people lining up at such an early hour and tickets being "sold out" so quickly.

As long as you do it between 9:00-16:00. It's an application for going the next day. It's just a matter if you get picked or not. Anybody can do it. ^^b

It says 2 people for one group. Only one person does the applying, and then at the venue, only the person who applied shows their picture ID.

At least with this new method, you don't have to get up at such an odd hour just to be disappointed!

With that, I think I'll be able to give it a shot, and hope I get picked! Though for me personally, I only have three days to try for instead of 4.

To those hoping to go, let's hope we get picked, right!?

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