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Update on Freestyle Merch through I-TM4U

Demand to get into Ohno Satoshi's exhibition is so great, that Johnny's has decided to change the method to enter the exhibition - you have to enter a lottery for a ticket by mobile phone the day before you go. I-TM4U is applying daily until they can get tickets. If they receive tickets, they will send an email announcement to those interested.

*As of now, there has been no word that purchases of goods will be limited- (this is sometimes typical in JE official goods shops) if you have been to the exhibition, and know of limits, please contact I-TM4U.
*If limits are in place, the first persons requesting goods will have orders filled.

From March, Freestyle Exhibition merchandise will be available from the Johnny's online shop - this only ships within Japan, not overseas, but I-TM4U can order on your behalf, since they don't have to include a service fee, the total cost will be much cheaper, if you are willing to wait. In March, the JE goods shop may expand from mail-order to online, any other goods from the same site could be bundled to save on shipping.

I-TM4U accepts Paypal only at this moment, it allows you to pay in dollars or yen, very handy!

For those interested in the Freestyle Merch from the exhibition directly , when I-TM4U have the tickets, they will email an invoice with the cost of the goods only, they are asking for immediate payment to be received at 7am TOKYO TIME day of attendance.

The standing fee is $64USD, but this is not calculated per person - this cost will be divided between all customers requesting goods, which means, the more people who order goods, the lower the fee, right now 17 people have requested goods-but people may drop out, or new people may request.

Once the items have been purchased, you will receive a second invoice, this will include - shipping (your choice) handling (3$USD) commission and the division of the standing fee, then the goods will be sent out to you immediately.

I-TM4U site:http://www.i-tm4u.biz/

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