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I just had to share this. First time posting... I hope I did everything right. 

Posted to Aibakaland also.  

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Follow SMAP, Kinki Kids! Arashi will have a 5 MAJOR DOME TOUR!  

The popular group Arashi announced that they will have their first 5 national major dome tour from 5/16 to 7/6. They are the third group to do this after SMAP and KinKi Kids. They plan a fabulous stage which will introduce a new stage item. After successfully completing their first oversea tour 2 years ago, and last year's Osaka and Tokyo Dome Concerts, Arashi continues to move on. 


Arashi goes on to conquer the nation's 5 major domes: Tokyo, Nagoya, Osaka, Fukuoka, Sapporo. Startig with Kyocera Dome Osaka on 5/16, they will complete 10 performances until Sapporo Dome on 7/6, aiming to have 440000 people.


Arashi had a successful overseas tour 2 years ago in Taiwan and Korea. Last year as a returning concert, they held 9 performances at Yokohama Arena and Osaka-jyo Hall, but had 350000 people apply for tickets when they could only accomodate 135000 people. Even after the nation-wide tour, 380000 people could not get tickets for Tokyo and Osaka concerts, so they added Dome Concerts in Septemeber and October.

The members are ecstatic. Sakura Sho (26) says "I'm just really happy. I hope we can create a big footstep for our 10th anniversary next year. It feels like the concerts in Asia, the concerts last year, and everything combined together brought us here right now. I hope to make it a concert where people who come can receive happiness and strength. Aiba Masaki (25) says "I'm really pumped up for this huge challenge. We plan to make it a huge success, but I just hope it will be successful. I'll even work to the point of falling down."

The concerts plan for a "new mechanism." In Arashi's previous concerts, they created a "moving stage" where the stage moves above the arena seats, awing the audience. Sakurai comments that this time's mechanism will also awe the audience.

The tour title is "ARASHI Marks 2008 Dream-A-live" The members gave ideas, and chose Sakurai's. "The 'Marks' means to make Arashi's mark in 2008," says Sakurai. The "Dream-A-live" is for the concert theme of living between reality and dreams, having a dream as we live.  

9 years since their debut in November of 1999. They will continue to run at full speed this year. 

- Having currency 
This year there will be the summit in Hokkaido as well as the Beijing Olympics. The producer of Arashi's concert says "We hope to have some relevance with the summit and the olympics," making it a great concert headed towards next year's 10th anniversary. He says "it is a pleasure to be able to have a 5 dome tour in an eventful year. We hope to have everyone imagine what Arashi will be like next year." 

- Matsumoto Jun (24): The concert theme is between dreams and reality. The dream-like entertainment world, ourselves on TV and our raw selves. We'll create a stage showing everything using the dome. We'd like to enjoy the pre-anniversary year.

- Ninomiya Kazunari (24): I hope to be just ourselves, without any worries, so that the fans can enjoy it. 

- Ohno Satoshi (27): I'd first like to thank the fans and staff. I hope to make the dome festival successful along with everyone, as we did for last year's Tokyo and Kyocera Dome Osaka Concerts. 


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