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My Favorite Cookbook Pictures!

So my friend from Japan went back home for the weekend from here in the US and she said, oh I got you this Arashi silly me thought it was just a normal calendar but it was the school one that came with the cookbook, so I got super excited!!! I'm a culinary student so an Arashi cookbook is putting the two things I love most in life together! ^_^ I took some (very poor quality >_<) pictures of some of my favorite pictures in the cookbook so I thought I would share ^_^. I'm always a fan of video games so anything with NinoxDS makes me happy ^_^ Hope you guys enjoy!
I guess all that work on Bambino really paid off, he's a real pro now!

Jun hiding behind some veggies? I just think this is so cute ^_^

Aiba and Nino playing DS ^_^ I wish you could tell what game they are playing!!

So either Aiba has a DS or Nino just has two >_<

And no entry would be complete with out Ohno being well... Ohno (sorry Sho fans..which include myself haha, my battery died as I went to take the pictures of him >_<)


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