// lost on the web. (winkychan) wrote in a_ra_shi,
// lost on the web.

[sub] Golden Rush Arashi 005 & 007

Special posting today.

First is Golden Rush Arashi (GRA) #5, translated by nyanchan and subbed by yuckie_chan.

And some love screenies <33333

Download episode 5 here

Second is Golden Rush Arashi (GRA) #7 from ,about soba, translated by nyanchan and subbed by winkychan.

I know this is usually yuckie_chan's task to sub GRA, but as she's extremely busy right now, and has internet connection difficulties (that's why I'm crossposting episode 5 in this post), I took in charge of episode 7. Don't worry about episode 6, it's already done, she will upload it as soon as she can!

Download episode 7 here

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