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Sho on Hanamaru Cafe

Today is Arashi's big day! Each member wil be on a different show promoting "Himitsu no Arashi-chan" which is starting today. Sho was on Hanamaru Cafe and though Keyhole was being mean again and had a really big lag but I managed to get some screenshots from the show! 


(x-posted to arashi_on)

Very (okay my fault for taking it at the wrong time hahaha)

This is Arashi! Yes, they are idols! Lol

Baka looking Nino

Baka looking (but sooooo adorable) Ohno (I'm biased, I know!)

MECHA baka looking Jun...this is hime?!

Ohno's himitsu

Nino's himitsu

Jun's himitsu

What is this?! Sho's own CD???

Ohno is going to be on TV doing his promotion in about 45 min, so I'm going to try and catch that... can't miss any opportunity I can get to see my ichiban!!! ^_^

*EDIT* kikinini on Vox translated some of the main convo, you can find the translations here

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