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ARashi on Gakkou e Ikkou MAX!*____*

oke Gakkou e Ikkou is one of my favorite shows and 5 minutes ago I finished watching the latest episode! Gakkou e Ikkou is hosted by V6 by the way!XD
and since 3months they have a special where boys turn into girls!;) and they reeaaaally look like girls!o.O
so the preview for next week was that the boys (as girls)will surprise ARASHI!!!*____*
like you could see that a boy pretends to be a stylist and Ohno didn't notice that it's a boy at all!XDD and the reactions of Arashi was hilarious!XD
Nino was like "whaaat? a girl? no waaaay!!"..^^

so look forward to next week's Gakkou e Ikkou Max [08/04/22] on 8pm!^^V

sry I forgot to take screencaps..><

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