Rachel Marie Smith (catsfilmingtea) wrote in a_ra_shi,
Rachel Marie Smith

Three Months Earlier - MONTH ONE

Okay, here's the first of 3 parts of Three Months Earlier! ^__^ I hope everyone likes it! Sorry if some of the Arashi guys, namely Jun go OOC, this if my first Arashi fanfic!

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Three Months Earlier
By: Rachel (KimiWaPet2150)
Rated: R (Language/Violence/Abuse)
Genre: Romance/Drama/Mild Comedy
Coupling/GROUP: Jun/OC - ARASHI
When new neighbors move in across from Jun's apartment, he thinks nothing of it. The guy was rich, and his future wife was very pretty. They both seemed like caring people, which was a welcoming sight, since he hated his other neighbors. Though, what apears to be nice on the outside, isn't always as nice on the inside. Can he help her? Or will he be killed in the process?

Disclaimer: I do not own Johnny's CO. (though I wish I did!) Jun and the members of Arashi are real people, I'm writing a fictional story using their names and descriptions, that is all!

Month One...

More pictures to go w/ the story as well! ^__^ TELL ME WHAT YOU THINK!

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