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Sakurai Sho injured!


- Sho fell off the stage during a rehearsal!! As explained by Jun his right thumb is fractured plus minor leg injuries.
- Nino's statement said he fell head first.
- Sho got his injured area in cast and recovery will take about 2 weeks.
- Sho apparently tried to break the fall using his right arm (fortunately didn't land on head!!!).

- He is thus unable to fully dance in solo (can't raise arm) but concerts will proceed with 5 members as he insisted.
- Nino was the only witness to accident and also accompanied him to hospital. 
- For the rest of the dancing parts the other 4 members tried their best to cover for him.
- Sho was said to be laughing and waving his left hand to reassure fans.

AHHHH!!! Daijoubu Sho-chan!?!?  "(*o*)''

Edit final: Honto ni kowaii~~ *_*  many qns from fans ne... i should have given this disclaimer:
The accident happened barely a day yet. Newspapers haven't caught on it. NEWSZERO is not out yet. Therefore, anything you read above I found from fan's reports, which made me slightly worried and felt this community would like to know so i shared my thoughts. My position is the same as yours. I have no idea if the members said it themselves, and was not in the actual concert (i wish i was). Meaning, exact details I don't know! And fans who went to the concerts do give varying reports~~ I shall think twice about posting unpublished news in here... Phew~ Onegashimasu ^_^
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