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Myojo June 08 Scans

Guess what arrived in the mail today!!  A package of Arashi goods from my wonderful wonderful host sister!!!!! I was so happy I actually  started crying. No joke. I'm THAT in love with both Arashi and my host sis.
Anyway, she sent over some posters of chibi!arashi, as well as the N no Arashi photo book, a GIANT POSTER OF SHO doing his Toyota CM promotions PLUS Myojo June 2008. The main thing was the new season of Gokusen, but also had plenty of Hey!Say!Jump!, NewS, KAT-TUN, Kinki Kids, Tackey and Tsubasa, Yui, Eri and of course lots of other celebs I dont know ^_^;; I felt soooooo overwhelmed, because I never had any Arashi goods before. It was always just pictures from the internet...so to have stuff thats REAL and that was actually being SOLD IN JAPAN completely blew my mind!!

ANYWAY though it was time I donated something to the Arashi community, so I scanned the the cover of the Young Song book, as well as their interviews. Basically, I think it's along the lines of Arashi's private lives/free time?I'll scan the actual Song Book, which basically has an interview  for 'Dream A Live' album, soon-ish as well. I have mid-years starting tomorrow though, so probably should be focusing on those -__-;;

Young Song mini-book cover! I love Nino's smug little grin and pose XD

I haven't really had time to sit down and read/translate the interview, but I plan to abduct my Japanese friend on the weekend, sit down with my electronic dictionary, and read the WHOLE THING! 
Sorry my scanner sucks, but that is supposed to be Nino in the middle there.

Page 1
http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v655/tangerine_fever/pg2.png (I saved the files with wrong names, but this is the correct order :P)

Page 2 



Group polaroid photo page

Aiba (he makes taking out the trash look so good *o* <3)


Sho (PREPPY!SHO! with AWESOMEHAIR!! *dokidokidokidokidokidoki*)

PS. I tried to use LJ cut, hopefully it worked :S If it didn't, I'm really sorry! But I'm still trying to figure LJ out a bit...

Hope you like it :D

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Edit: Ok, my computer when crazy on me and did something weird to my post :X So I had to re-do it, and the LJ cut titled Scans <3 is the one with the actual pictures! I don't know what exactly happened to my other one o_O;; Really confused. SORRY ALL!!
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