Rin in Japanland (rininjapan) wrote in a_ra_shi,
Rin in Japanland

Update: Well-wishes Booklet for Sho

Thank you to all who have left messages for Sho-chan at my Well-wishes for Sakurai Sho post. On account of receiving so many wonderful and heartfelt notes, I think they should be presented to Sho-chan in a small, bound booklet. However, I really suck at anything in terms of design so I've created a new thread for the amazing graphic designers amongst us who are always gifting us with gorgeous Arashi wallpapers, icons, banners and whatnot.

If you'd like to help come up with a design for our booklet for Sho-chan, please visit here for more information.



PS Sorry everyone for cramming up your friends' list with all these updates and cross-postings. I really only mean the best so please try to put up with me just a little longer. m(_ _)m
Tags: discuss: fanproject

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