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Hey! Hey! Hey! 18.02.2008 - Arashi

hi minna, i want to post softsub for hey hey hey 18 feb 2008 arashi segment talk, i DON'T translate this, i take it from somewhere in the LJ

(GOMEN GOMEN I forgot from whom LJ i took the translation, if any of you think that the translation made by you and you don't want the translation being post by me, PLEASE PLEASE please tell me right away, i will delete this post RIGHT AWAY).
and gomen again, i cant post the hard sub bcoz my net not that good....

here please enjoy the softsub btw ^^.

anyway in thie episode of hey hey hey, arashi main conversation are about ridaa exhibition, sho's t shirt from india, & jun kun watch from miyagawa daisuke.. as alwasy, hey hey hey always hilarious and worth to watch ne..

And as always, COMMENTS ARE PRECIOUS  ^__^

last but not least, please if any of you know who made the translation please please tell me, i really want to thank her for translating it ^^

HERE ENJOY! (format .srt on MF)

Tags: other: translation

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