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Arashi - Naruto Is Gay Productions - Hadashi No Mirai

Hiyya hi!!

For a while now, myself and my cosplay group have been doing Naruto cosplay videos to Arashi songs. I always assumed these videos would be more appreciated in the Naruto fandom, and thus never bought it up here. But i've been getting just as much if not more comments from Arashi fans than anything else.
So I thought i'd share our most recent video to Hadashi No Mirai here.
It's our best one so far... 
Sum Screenies...

Video HERE! 

And our older Arashi cosplay vids such as Happiness, Sakura Sake and Natsu No Namae are HERE!
If you have the time give us a comment, either here or on youtube, because comments are luv!! ^^
Thankyou for your time!!


PS. If this isn't allowed please delete ^^
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