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Happy Birthday Nino! Konseki Parody

Since everyone made something for Nino-chan for his birthday, fuyu_rain  and me did something as well :D
But I think it's a little different.. not a FanArt or a PhotoShopCreation or a FanVideo... but a Parody xD

So~ please read this befor watching:

There were little conflicts because of our last parody and we think some took it too serios.
We don't make parodys to anger someone, we make them just for fun.
We also now that we pick a very serious song for our parody.. We don't want to make fun of this song! It was just the performance which seemed hilarious to us ^^

Please enjoy it:

OhNoSatoshiReturns & AibaMasaker

sorry, x-postet to arashi_on
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