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Card for 嵐 Mini-Project: Voting Begins Today!

Shonichiwa~ Destini here. :)

Today, a great tiny young prankster was born 25 years ago but somehow has defied aging processing. <3

Aside from that, today on The Nino's birthday is also the start day to vote for card-front entries for the Card for Arashi Project.

I created a separate webpage with the entries and a voting poll on it.

Vote For The Card for Arashi Fanmade Card Front!

  • DOUBLE VOTING IS DISABLED. So please vote fairly.
  • None of the contestants names will be on released (unless they signed it) to prevent favoritism.
  • I would like to ask that you do NOT leave rude or hurtful comments. If you do not like an entry, don't vote for it. It's that simple.
  • I will be moderating the poll closely. If I suspect foul play, it will be reset.
  • The Entries are in order so Image 1 --> Entry 1 and so on.

    Happy Fangirling! <3
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