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26 Arashi Icons!!!

Wow, I haven't posted here in a while. I've been lurking though. Not to mention I've been really busy.
Just thought I would post a few icons I made.
Some icons were made and us past icon contest and others I made yesterday because I have nothing else better to do.
Oh and Happy Belated Birthday Nino!!!! 

» Arashi [1-9]
» 2-3 Arashi Members [10-14]
» Aiba [15-17]
» Jun [18-19]
» Nino [20-21]
» Ohno [22-24]
» Sho

         » Please Credit 
[info]osak if you are taking/using any of my graphics! 
         » Do not edit any of the graphics! 
         » Comments are loved, so please comment!
         » Resources

» Teasers:
001 002 003
Now to the icons!!!!
Take me far away....
Tags: x sharing: graphics (discontinued)

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