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Maou Theme Song - Karaoke

While we're waiting for stormy_team to finish translating and encoding the first episode of Maou, I thought I'd share something I made that kept me up til 5:00 AM this morning. ^.^;; Special thanks to iruy for allowing me to use her translated lyrics!

Truth by Arashi - Theme Song from Maou [FanVid]

MU Link: Complete File (106.85 MB)

MF Links: 001 || 002
(Use HJSplit to join files together)

This is my first time taking a song and timing karaoke subtitles to it, so please forgive the quality. ^.^;;

P.S. Shout out to erotopia37564 for posting 1,313 screencaps from the first episode. o.o;; I made my new avie from one of 'em. :)
Tags: video (raw), x sharing: fanstuff (discontinued)

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