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Maou Mail

I translated the mail I got from J-web from Ohno about his drama Maou. I'll share it here, as well!

初の連続ドラマ主演! 『魔王』! 初の弁護士役!
皆様、不安でしょうけど、大丈夫です! 僕も不安だから(笑)。まぁ、毎日一生懸命やってますので! 長期間、役に集中するのは大変ですが、今日から約3ヶ月、是非とも大野智の『魔王』をご覧下さい!

2008年7月4日 大野智

At last, today at 10pm on TBS it starts!
My first serial drama! "Maou"! My first role as a lawyer!
I think everyone must be anxious, but it's alright! Because I'm anxious too. LOL. Well, everyday I gave it my all! Concentrating on the role for a long period of time was hard, but for the next 3 months please make sure you watch Ohno Satoshi's "Maou"!

July 4th, 2008 Ohno Satoshi


2008年7月11日 大野智

Hello, this is Maou! Did you watch episode 1!? Was I alright? LOL However, watching myself is super embarrassing~! Even though it seems that way, I'm giving it my all so watch it! And then eposide 2! Who do you think the next target is!? The hint is the last red room in episode 1! Who was it in the photograph in that area that was stared at with eyes of hatred!? Watch for it!

July 11th, 2008 Ohno Satoshi

Ahh I hope I didn't make any mistakes.
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