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Shukudai-kun ep.92

This episode really makes me laugh.
Their guest was Tabe Mikako from Yamada Taro
She wanted to be introduced as a comedian.
Sho-kun showed her how to do it.

She  love the Hypnosis Game that Nino and Sho-kun did while filming Yamada Taro.
So they tried it again.
When Nino asked for suggestions on what he should say to Sho-kun.
Aiba said Sho must show his left nipple.
Sho-kun was smiling, he was really trying so hard not to laugh.

And when Nino was waking him up...he won't!
Nino was already shaking him but he won't wake up. LOL
Mr. newscaster was having second thoughts about what Aiba suggested. XXD

But Nino won't give up.
He tried it again.

This time, Sho-kun woke up.

And he actually did what Nino told him to do. LOL

That made Ohno cracked! XXD

Even the little devil was really trying so hard not to laugh!

During the food tasting.
They served desserts using veggie that Tabe-chan hates.

Sho-kun did this.


They presented 2 comedians.
They did some comedy skits.
First, fall from a chair.
Aiba wanted to join but there's no space left so he got his own chair.

But he was slow.
The group was already on the floor when he fell.
Aiba fall

Then, be thrown on the wall.
Tabe-chan tried it first. XXD
Ohhh, it must have hurt!
Tabe_wall crash

Aiba tried it too!
Hope his shoulder is ok.
Aiba_wall crash

Even Ogu-san tried it!
That wall shook really hard. XXD
Ogu-san_wall crash

Finally, Ohno played with the ball like a cat. So cute!

you can watch the video (here)

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